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If you're looking for total comfort and high efficiency with lower operating costs...we've got the AnSEERs!

That's right. The answer is SEERs!

The efficiency of central air conditioners is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of each unit. SEER is total Btus (British thermal units) produced by an air conditioner during the course of the cooling season. Divided by the total electric input in watt-hours during the same period.

The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit. The more efficient the unit, the more annual savings for you. And more annual savings will add to your total comfort in your home!


System Capacity
x Cooling Load Hours
SEER Rating

per KWH
Seasonal Operating Cost

Click here for Cooling Load Hour Map (59k)

Difference in Purchase Price
Difference in Seasonal Cost

Number of Seasons to Realize Savings of Additional Purchase Price


Model A:

x 2000 Hrs


.08 KHW
(National Average)

Estimated $576
Annual Operating Cost

Model B:

x 2000 Hrs


.08 KHW
(National Average)

Estimated $443
Annual Operating Cost

If Model B costs $300 more than Model A, it would only take
2 1/4 cooling season to recover the additional expense. Remember, energy costs will most likely increase over time which means the payback period will be shorter.


Big Tex has invested thousands of dollars testing air quality of homes and the results were disturbing. This is a direct result "tighter" construction, meaning improvements in building quality have sealed homes better and prevented fresh airflow.

Big Tex has the answer to this problem.  Manufacturers have come to the aid of homeowners with the development of better filtering systems.  The standard filter is a 1 inch glass throw-away filter.  Also available is a 4 inch plated media that is also disposable and lasts only four to six weeks.  A popular solution for allergy sufferers is often an Electric Air Cleaner.

Big Tex can install a unit in your home referred to as an Open Window Concept.  This method takes stale air from the inside of your home, removes odors and moisture, and mixes it with fresh air from outdoors.  Before the fresh outdoor air is introduced indoors, its temperature is cooled to match the temperature of the air inside your home.

This is only a few of the many products and services our technicians can help you with. You can contact Big Tex Air Conditioning at 713-631-7738 or 713-631-7738.

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